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Genesis Real Estate Title has relationships with premier real estate professionals that make closing on your home easy.


Residential Real Estate Title Services

We understand that home sales transactions are big events in the lives of the sellers and the buyers, so we treat them as such. From the initial title order through closing, we keep all parties involved in the transaction in the loop.

We provide a comprehensive package of services that leaves nothing unresolved for closing day.

At closing, we do our part to reduce stress and ensure that all parties enjoy a pleasant and comfortable closing environment – and we do so at your convenience, not ours!

Our goal is to deliver above expected performance each and every time.

Meet Our Team

Carla Long-Burroughs


Carla Burroughs is the owner of Genesis. If there was ever a title that could not encompass a person, it would be to refer to Carla as “owner.” She is so much more than that. And all of that “more” is what makes Genesis more than just any title company.

Carla has found what eludes most business owners – the balance between business and heart. The ability to bring together a team of people with well over one hundred years of combined experience is an extraordinary testament to that balance.

That balance has a lot to do with her faith. Faith has guided everything in her life, including the name of the company, Genesis – creation. And that is what Carla has done and continues to do.

When Carla isn’t expanding her business and helping the community, you can find her spending time with her family. She and her husband have been together since 1997, and have two daughters, Camryn and Bailey, and twin sons, Jake and Jase, who keep her on her toes.

She continues to find strength in her faith as she looks to give back to her community. Recently, she launched an ice cream store named Burr-ville Sweet Treats that had a great summer season.

As one who wants to share her love and faith, she is always looking for ways to continue to provide and support the community. One of those is Washing in Love, a nonprofit that will provide monthly laundry services to families in need.

Destiny Hicks

Closer/Processor Expert (Clinton)

Joining Genesis Real Estate Title in September 2020, Destiny brings diligence, strong people skills, vast knowledge of the closing process and an all around upbeat attitude to the company.  Having worked in the title industry since 2012, she continues to prove her value and expertise as she runs the Clinton, TN office.

For as long as she can remember, working with the community during the home buying process isn’t just another job to her.  She takes pride in handling each transaction as if it were the client’s forever home.  Destiny genuinely cares about each and every person who walks through the door and exemplifies her desire to see smiling faces through thorough work and transparent communication during the title process.  Her goal is to build and maintain thriving relationships with all clients who walk through the door: realtors, loan officers and buyers or sellers.

Born and raised in a little town called Mulberry Florida, Destiny graduated from Mulberry High School in 1999. Shortly after graduation she met her husband, Richard, in 2000 and then married.  The couple made the move to Tennessee, where they reside in Clinton with their two beautiful girls, Myrakle and Ryleigh.

Kabrina Smith

Processor Expert

Joining the Genesis Team in November 2021, Kabrina exhibits the ability to quickly learn the tricks of the trade. She brings efficiency, diligence, problem solving skills and a teamwork mentality to the table.

Having grown up in East Tennessee and loving every bit of the “southern hospitality” feel that the area provides, Kabrina has a passion to assist in the acquisition of customers finding their dream home.

Prior to Genesis, she worked as a cosmetologist and in construction with her father – a trade that paved the way to where she is today. Now, she has the pleasure of seeing the process on the purchasing side of the industry.

“I’ve always wanted to be on the real estate side of things having been raised within a family of contractors. I really enjoyed the work environment and helping with the process from beginning to end,” says Kabrina.

Outside of work, Kabrina is heavily active in church, spending time with her family and adventures in renovation projects with her husband.

Bill Howell

Closer Expert

As a Closer/Processor, Bill’s attention to detail ensures the files are accurate, complete, and compliant with industry and investor guidelines. But his attention to detail isn’t the only thing that makes Bill a fantastic asset with Genesis Real Estate Title.

Bill Howell truly cares about people. His family, friends, and those he helps at Genesis Real Estate Title get to experience his passion for life. Whether you are talking with him in person or over the phone, you can feel his warmth and humor.

When asked to describe Bill in three words or less, his family said, “Only three words!?” They all provided different answers, but there was a common theme. Bill is fun (funny), dependable, and personable.

Bill’s love and devotion to his wife of seventeen years, Meghan, and three daughters, Shelbie, Shaylie, and Shiloh, are apparent through his stories. For example, when they lived in Montana, he once drove Meghan sixty miles one way in a snowstorm to get her favorite coffee. Or when they took the scenic route relocating from Montana back to Knoxville so that he could have more adventures with his daughters.

Bill knows the importance of family and making memories. He understands that is a massive part of what he does at Genesis Real Estate Title – helping people make memories with their families.

When Bill isn’t working, you might find him attending his daughter’s games, driving fast mopars, shooting guns, or cooking hot foods. You will also see him at Valley View Baptist Church, where he is the Director of the Men’s Ministry and a substitute Sunday School teacher.

Alexandria Richardson

Title Search Coordinator and Policy Fulfillment (Clinton)

When you first meet the soft-spoken Alexandria, go-getter may not be a word you would associate with her soft-spoken nature, but that is exactly how her coworkers describe her. Her soft-spoken nature belies a quick intelligence and ability to master any task set before her, and she prides herself on just that – getting things done before people expect them.

When you buy a home, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes, and that’s where you will find Alexandria Richardson.

Every step of the title process needs a person behind it, whether you ever meet or see that person. Alexandria, or Miss A, as most people call her, is one of those people. She ensures policies are getting out as quickly as they do.

You may never see her or understand what she does, but when things go smoothly, it’s because of Miss A’s attention to detail and efficiency.

When Miss A is not working her magic behind-the-scenes, you can find spending time with her family, and making memories with loved ones. On Sundays, you can find her attending her small little southern Church and teaching Sunday school.

Miss A enjoys spending time with her two Cavapoos, Due and Daisy (you guessed it, named after the Dukes of Hazzard). She wants to give back to the community by working with children to show what you can achieve when you have a positive outlook and a faithful heart.

Brandi Day

Processor/Closer Scholar

Brandi Day’s experience in the title industry is impressive. With decades of experience, you want her on your side as your closing agent/processor to ensure your home purchase goes smoothly.

Brandi’s value as your closer/processor extends beyond her decades of experience. To her, it’s more than just a paper transaction. It’s about you and guaranteeing your experience is exceptional.

Helping people have the best experience keeps Brandi in the industry. She wants you to walk out of your closing smiling. And you will because her energy and caring are like a warm blanket embracing you on a chilly day.

Brandi’s exuberance for helping people also extends to her love of life. An 80s girl through and through, Brandi is a huge fan of New Kids on the Block, specifically Donnie Wahlberg.

When Brandi isn’t helping people with the paperwork for their home purchase or meeting Donnie Wahlberg, you can find her spending time with her niece or reading books while snuggling up with her fur babies, Trouble, a rescue Yorkie, and Izzy, a teacup Yorkie. Brandi hopes to have her own family and home someday, extending her love of life to them.

Her faith is central to her life, and she loves to be outside, surrounded by nature, in the world He created. It should be no surprise that Brandi’s favorite city, Charleston, SC, is also called the Holy City.

Brandi visits as often as she can, wandering the old cobblestone streets and exploring the plantation homes. When she isn’t there, she is planning her return trip.

Melissa McBroom

Title Examination and Research Scholar and Escrow Funding/Reconciliation Assistant

Melissa McBroom is a steadfast explorer, and that is exactly who you want to have as your Title Examiner. Not all property titles have clear ownership. As a homebuyer, you don’t want to find that out after you have purchased the property. With nearly 40 years’ experience in the title industry, Melissa will review title documents to ensure that you know exactly what you are buying.

When she isn’t sleuthing her way through title documents, you might find Melissa kayaking on the Hiawassee River or hiking the trails on Mount LeConte and the Great Smoky mountains. She enjoys the quiet of nature, far from the noise of modern-day living. She also enjoys traveling, and one of her favorite places is Mackinac Island in Michigan, a place where there are no cars, only bicycles and horse-drawn carriages.

A former military spouse, Melissa has been married to her husband for over four decades and has two children and one grandchild. They are the center of her world, as is her faith. You can find her spending time with them or at church if she isn’t out exploring the amazing places within the United States and enjoying the world God created.

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Carla Long Burroughs, a licensed title agent in the state of Tennessee and provides an assurance to her clients that they truly own the property they think they own.  Carla is a licensed title agent bonded and insured with a $1,000,000 E&O policy.